Video: Digital Health Passports Still Face Challenges to Wider Adoption






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Skift Business Travel and Future of Work Summit took place on March 17 with speakers and attendees signing in from around the world. Skift Pro members have exclusive access to all of the session videos from the event. We’re opening this one up to non-Skift Pro members. To access the other videos, check out Pro membership options. If you are already a Pro subscriber, log in here.

Covid vaccines are making the headlines for a number of reasons, particularly with Europe lagging behind other countries over disputes around supply. But one thing for certain is they are critical to the resumption of not only travel, but a range of other activities to help daily life return to normal.

Speaking with airlines reporter Ned Russell at Skift Business Travel and Future of Work Summit, Paul Meyer, CEO of the Commons Project Foundation — the trailblazer of digital health passports — shared the progress of CommonPass today, and the behind-the-scenes work he’s doing with governments across the globe.

The writeup of the session is here.

Watch the video of discussion in its entirety, below.

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