Aircastle reports 2020 performance

Aircastle reports 2020 performanceAircastle reports 2020 performanceAircastle reports 2020 performance

Aircastle has reported total revenues of $197.5 million for the three months ended February 28, 2021, which amounts to a net loss of $(95.8) million and an adjusted EBITDA of $179.9 million. The aircraft booked a gain of $9.4million following the sale of flight equipment. For the full fiscal year 2020, Aircastle reported a net loss of $(333.2) million. During this fourth fiscal quarter, Aircastle issued $750 million of seven-year senior, unsecured bonds at a record low coupon of 2.85%, and also retired $500 million of 5.125% coupon bonds. Aircastle’s Investment Grade credit ratings recently affirmed by Fitch at BBB,

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