Embraer introduces four new aircraft concepts

Embraer introduces four new aircraft conceptsEmbraer introduces four new aircraft concepts Embraer has announced a family of concept aircraft – The Energia Family – which comprises four concept aircraft of varying sizes that incorporate different propulsion technologies – electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual fuel gas turbine, and hybrid-electric. The company has partnered with an international consortium of engineering universities, aeronautical research institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises to better understand energy harvesting, storage, thermal management and their applications for sustainable aircraft propulsion. Energia Hybrid (E9-HE)                                          Energia Electric (E9-FE) . hybrid-electric propulsion                                   . full electric propulsion . up to 90% CO2 emissions reduction                     . zero CO2 emissions . 9 seats                                                                   . 9 seats . rear-mounted engines                                           .

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