First ever ACJ TwoTwenty delivered to Comlux

First ever ACJ TwoTwenty delivered to Comlux The first ACJ TwoTwenty, launched just over a year ago, was successfully delivered to Comlux from the Airbus A220 Final Assembly Line in Mirabel, Canada. The all-new business jet will be joining the Comlux’s  facilities in Indianapolis, USA, for the VVIP cabin completion in the coming days. This first aircraft is expected to enter service with its owner, FIVE, in early 2023. The ACJ TwoTwenty combines intercontinental range enabling the aircraft to fly over 12 flight hours, enlarged personal space with 73m2/785 ft2 of floor space. The ACJ TwoTwenty features six wide VIP living areas, of around 12m2/130 ft2 each and

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