GOL traffic figures for December 2021

GOL traffic figures for December 2021 GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes (GOL), Brazil’s largest domestic airline, flew 2.527 million passengers in December 2021, compared to 2.075 million in the year ago period. GOL’s total supply (ASK) increased 13.4%. Total seats increased 20.9% and the number of departures increased by 21.7%. GOL’s total demand (RPK) increased by 14.7% and the load factor was 81.9%. GOL’s domestic supply (ASK) increased 11.4% and demand (RPK) increased by 12.6%. GOL’s domestic load factor was 81.9%. The volume of departures increased by 20.6% and seats increased by 19.9%. GOL’s international supply (ASK) was 64 million, the demand (RPK) was 51 million and international

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